#1 : Never Knowing

by Chevy Stevens

by Chevy Stevens

Date started: Sometime during Christmas break

Date ended: Right around new years, when I decided I would keep track of all the books I’ve read this year.

Author: Chevy Stevens

Genre: Psychological Thriller

This book, I purchased in the summer with a B&N gift card from one of my fabulous students last year, as an end of the year present. However, it sat on my shelf, until Christmas break, because I was dragging out The Hunger Games series, because I loved it so much.

This is the second book that Stevens has published, and I have read them both. Her first book, Still Missing, was my first purchase on my Nook, and it was a page turner! My fascination with serial killers (I promise, I am not weird) drew me to Still Missing, so I was highly anticipating reading her second book, Never Knowing, and it did not disappoint.

In this book, the main character, Sara, is adopted. Later in her life, she feels the need to look for her birth mother, only to find out that her birth mother wants no contact with her, whatsoever. Of course, that isn’t enough for her, and she continues to search, realizing that her mother was the only victim who escaped a serial rapist.

What I love about this book: She works to try to understand her father, and this book really puts your mind in a new place. I like books that force me to think about unusual situations, such as this one, that the main character is faced with.

These books aren’t really a series, however, her next book that is coming out later this year, Always Watching, will feature a pretty important main character that has made “appearances” in both of her books so far. The end of Never Knowing, kind of gives you a few hints towards the next book wrapped up in this story.

Overall, it was a great book especially for people who enjoy psychological thrillers. If you are looking for something to read, I’d recommend both of her books.

“A terrifying, chilling scenario that unfolds into a nightmare and had me keeping the light on at night.”

Rosamund Lupton, bestselling author of Sister


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