Why start a book blog…

…is a valid question. I don’t even really know. I just had the idea, and I figured I’d see where it takes me.

I wasn’t always a reader. In fact, I don’t remember even learning how to read. Thanks to an eager mom and “Hooked on Phonics” I entered kindergarten already “reading.” Although, I don’t remember much about reading, until 4th grade. And I didn’t LOVE reading then, either. I remember my teacher reading aloud to us the story of C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and something there lit a spark, not a fire, but a spark. Even after remembering that fantastical journey through that story, I still wasn’t in love with reading.

It wasn’t until a few years later, when a few things came together, did I really start to want to read on my own. Those things, for those who are curious were, my love for being outdoors, a library in walking distance, and a town-population 2500-where all my friends were out of town, it seemed, for the summer.

I remember walking with my dog to the library, where he’d sit and patiently await my return, just outside the door. One of my first books that I fell in love with was Hatchet. Not your typical choice of a tween girl. However, I remember reading outside, hearing the noises of nature, being right there with Brian, in that Canadian wilderness, and since that moment, I have always enjoyed losing myself in someone else’s story.

So why start a book blog…mostly, so that I can remember the stories I have read, and to keep track of it for myself [because I am that type of person.] But maybe, just maybe someone will get lost in a book, the same way I do every time I open The Cover. . .


One thought on “Why start a book blog…

  1. This is an excellent first post. :) Bravo!

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