#9: The Other Woman’s House

The Other Woman's House by Sophie Hannah

The Other Woman’s House by Sophie Hannah

Date Started: May 24

Date Ended: May 31

Author: Sophie Hannah

Genre: Mystery

Pages: 464

It was nearing Memorial Day weekend, and I was looking for a few books to take to Myrtle Beach with us on our annual long weekend trip. As I often do, I just went to the library to browse & pick up whatever seemed to jump out at me on that particular day. As it was, I picked up this book along with a few others. After I made it to the beach, I decided to read the backs of my books aloud for my family to help me choose which book I should read first. They were all in unanimous agreement that The Other Woman’s House should be my first pick.

The back of the book often gives us more insight into the book than what the characters even know about themselves (a lesson I teach to my 5th graders) and this one did a great job of setting you up with the plot. It is late at night, a woman is looking at the virtual tour for the dream home (that she is obsessed with) she wants to buy, when the image in the living room pans around and a dead woman’s body is laying there in a pool of blood. Of course, she screams, runs to get her husband, and when he comes to see for himself, Surprise! the body is gone- no sign of blood or anything out of the ordinary.

The main character, Connie, wrestles with going to the police. With no proof, she basically has nothing, other than suspicions from her family & the police that she is crazy. The police, of course, say they will look in to it, but what can they do? That is of course, until someone else comes forward claiming to have seen the exact same thing.

This book is FULL of plot twists. I sat for a while, with the book closed, close to the end trying to make sense of it all in my head, trying to decide how it was all going to come together, and I just really couldn’t do it. I couldn’t piece it all together on my own. Some may think that is quality mystery writing, but for me (trying to explain it all to my husband) it seemed a little too far-fetched, but then again I don’t read too many mysteries, so what do I really know.

This book is set in Britain, so sometimes I felt there were some little details lost in “translation”. I’m not all that familiar with British slang, but it wasn’t anything detrimental to the book & usually I could figure out most of the unusual words by using a few context clues.

Overall, I wasn’t 100% sold on the author, but she has more books that I may try one day. If you like mysteries & plot twists-try it out!


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